Bankers Life and Casualty Company
Renee McCormick, Insurance Agent
Tiffany McCoy, Insurance Agent
Christopher Kirby, Production Crew Chief in Training
Robby Ammons, Agent
Jeff Dickerson, Marketing Supervisor
Jennifer Wayland, Pastry Chef/Rounds
Mackenzie Bernarding, Insurance Sales Agent
Jennifer Esquibel, Field Sales Rep
Jacob Mills, Insurance Agent
Shyla Mitchell, Licensed Health Insurance Agent/Customer Service
Billie Jean Bauer, Producer
Amanda Morrow, Insurance Agent
Margaret Gladding, Assistant Manager
shannon napoliton, life insurence agent
Ahmadu Gidado, Campus Coordinator
Joseph A. Murphy Jr., Administrative Assistant
Katrina Webber, Front Desk
Cristina McColl, IT Representative
Kim Miller, Insurance Agent
Kristin Klinger, Medical Assistant
Rod Mika, Insurance Agent
Anthony Siragusa, NYS Insurance agent
Monica Adee, Licensed Sales Producer
Yvonne Maclin, Sales Representative
alexander britton, Sales/Finance
Jeremy Futch, Insurance Agent
Michael Collier, Insurance Agent
Charly Hobbs, Insurance Agent
richard armand, Insurance Agent
Angela Marr, Insurance Agent
Matthew Peek, Office Manager / Accountant
Tamela Lowery, Caregiver
Cynthia King, Insurance Agent
Gina DiPietro, Administrator
jabari Freeman, Overnight Cashier
Sterling Nattrass, Customer Service And Sales
Wendy Rodriguez, Licensed Insurance Agent
Brittney Babbitt, Licensed insurance agent life and health
Nicole Silvey, Account Manager
Sean McBride, Agent
CHRIS KOELLER, Insurance Agent
Diane Sliger, Independent Consultant
Shane Kirkpatrick, General Manager
Ranjith Kumar, OBIEE/Oracle BI Developer
Amy McBryde, Teacher
Linda Traylor, Art Teacher
Kathleen Zickterman, Offices Services Floater
Victoria Galindo, TIE/DHH Program Secretary
Charles Patterson IV, Insurance Sales Agent
Rebecca Vertun, Sales Insurance Representative
John Schoen, Technician/Equipment Operator
Melanie Haudenshield, Insurance Agent
Adam Sears, Finisher
Jeff Gale, Relationship Banker II
Elizabeth Sebesta, Insurance Agent
Tammy Baysden, Ag Research Assistant
raileen sullivan, plant operator/truck driver
Johnson Constance, Supervisor Training
Jeffrey Palm, Agent
Kevin Kasten, Attorney - Solo Practitioner
Andrea Pineda, Insurance Agent
Virginia Miller, Insurance Agent
Ebony Guadalupe, Recruiter
Robert Henry, Senior Business Analysis Associate
Michael Hom, Senior Banker
KATHLEEN Lytell, Accounting Clerk
Casey Tricarico, Office Manager
Martin Moore, Lead Associate
Richard Saettone, Insurance Agent
Richard Eastman, Project Manager, Insurance Contact, Sales
Rex Young, Sales Executive
Anisha Dennis, Unit Administrator
Bruce Crismon, Store Manager
Esther Lane, Licensed Insurance Agent
Leah Iklov, Contract Analyst
Heather England, Commercial Diver
Becky Oliver, Director of Operations
Nathan Jiskra, Graphic Designer
Trey DesJardin, Intern
Silvestre Vasquez, Insurance Agent
Pamela Barkulis, Senior Claims Adjuster
Melissa McComis Lastra, Insurance Agent
Alison C, Agent
samantha walls, Insurance Agent
Melanie Diaz, Insurance Agent
Judy Brousseau, Life Agent
Bob Byers, Retirement Plan Consultant
Leonides Martinez, Sales/Optician
Derek Armstrong, Insurance Agent
Michelle Handwork, Broker Certified Associate
Travis Allor, Insurance Agent
Harley Taville, Associate Teacher
Daniel Pasquariello, 0341 Infantry Mortarman
Brian Hill, Insurance Agent
Marcello Gattamorta, Customer Care Representative
Arvind Shenoy, Sales Associate
Lindsey Tucker, Recruiter
mary henley, Sales Support
Lauren Vodrazka, Consumer Relations Manager
Crystal Perrow, Team Beachbody Coach
Benjamin Boachie, Equity Research Associate
Matt Paul, Home Theater Specialist
Shenequa Hawkins, Employment Recruiter
Shawn Houston, Agent
Michelle Acosta, Individual Sales Representative
Ashley Elliott, Independent Insurance Agent
Connie Murray, Insurance Agent
Adam Kellogg, Insurance Agent
Juanita Copes, Insurance Agent
Lisa Ramirez, Cashier
Joseph DeWees lll, Insurance Agent
Joseph O'Brien, Chemist / field technician
Tink Carey, Insurance Agent
alice sandoval, Vice President
Monique Mathis, Clinical Manager
Jessica Caraballo, Simplified Issue Specialist
William Perry, Insurance Agent/Producer
Jennifer Carl, Bank Teller
Krystal Taylor, Cashier/Clerk
Kit Lau, Customer Service Representative
, Agent
Kiki Rogers, Insurance Agent/Producer
Michelle Simon, Homemaker
Meagan Hendricks, Insurance Agent
John Ingram IV, Insurance Agent
Wendy Banul, Office Sales Manager
Jesse Gittelson, Senior Account Executive / Sales Team Manager
Keri-Anne Ryan, Licensed Life and Health Insurance Agent
Tim Summerow, Wedding Officiant/Minister
stefan black, Insurance Agent
Dexter Buchanan, Insurance Agent
Jennifer Thompson, Licensed Insurance Agent
Kwang Lee, Owner/Manager
Todd Oldfield, Agent
Gilbert Suarez Jr, Insurance Agent
Dawn Bellegante Pulliam, Insurance Agent
Michael Bell, Registered Representative
Katarzyna (Kathy) Liles, Insurance Agent
philip frisbie, Insurance Agent
Amy Wakayama, Client Service Representative
Kayla Hyrowich, Licensed Representative
Amy Duell, Temporary Assistant
Michael Greer, Insurance Sales
Alyssa Lewandowski, Public Relations Coordinator
Hollie Walsh, Owner-Operator
Shannon Shenberger, Insurance Agent
Matt Poole, Sr. Sales Account Executive
Paula Bakley, Server
Michael Wyatt, Admissions Counselor/Recruiter
Danielle Turnbough, Workers Compensation
Stephanie Howard, Health Plan Advisor
Paul Klaus, Unit Field Trainer
Vicky Arroyo, Agent
Brandon Smith, Talent Scout
Bethany Slayton, Insurance agent/sales associate
Kris Reece, Field Trainer
Patricia Krinke, Finance Coordinator
Lenore Simon, Insurance Agent / Unit Field Trainer
Stephen Butler, Insurance Agent
Breanna Floyd, Sales
Tammy Smith Carpenter, Insurance Agent
Erin Idzerda, Insurance Agent
Spencer Beaudreault, Life, Health and Variable Annuities Agent
Katrina Mitchell, Field Representative
Justin Salter, Insurance Agent
LoriAnne Lundy, Ministry Assistant
Jeremy Barish, Insurance Agent
Nicole Henshaw, Business Account Development Manager
Andrea Martinez, Insurance Agent
Kelcey Elijah, Career Sales Agent
MARK HANSEN, Parts and purchasing manager
Daniel Logue, Director of Operations
Rosalind Scott, Claim Review Specialist
Dwayne Casasola, Insurance Sales Representative
Tyler Eacho, Insurance Agent
Patty James, Monitor
Maria Borrero, Paralegal
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