Graham Packaging Company
Garrett Daum, Project Engineer
Carlos Cardona, Calidad y Medio Ambiente
Shawn Rudis, Extruder Operator
Deborah Manapeli, Accounting Manager
William Carter, Administrative Manager (Plant Controller)
Marc Wienke, Production Technician
Marlon Sheard, Production Supervisor
Christopher Beith, Process Molding Technician III- Shift Lead
Ralph Hutchinson, Lead Maintenance Mechanic
Latasha Murray, Forklift Operator
Kelly Sibley, Sales Inspector
Derek Gombash, Maintenance Buyer/Assistant
Dean Honig, Director of Manufacturing
Alan Ciampi, Production Shift Supervisor
Carolyn Fahringer, Financial Accountant I
Andrea Taylor, Human Resources
Erin Cleary, Assistant quality manager
Elmer Nordyke, Decorator Tech
Bradley Matthews, Shipping and Receiving Clerk
Charles Brown, Sidel Operator
Vincent Villarreal, Blow Mold Specialist
Jerry Burdette, Plant Controller
Michael Schultz, Capital Project Development Engineering Intern
John Faulkner, Health & Safety Program Specialist
Rhonda McGrail, Parts Clerk
CARLOS PATTON, Forklift Operator - Warehousing
Brandon Morgan, Quality Manager
LAURIE WEST, Accounting Clerk
Timothy Czajkowski, Maintenance Mechanic
Kevin Donsbach, Production Supervisor II
Gene Manganti, SAP Project Manager
Paul Bailie, Sales Executive
Robert Jones, Maintenance
Yvette Stephens, Line worker, operator,forktruck driver
Joel Spangler, IT Administrator/Analyst
Armando Contreras, Qa technician Lead
edward fielder, Maintenance Manager
Thomas Yellig, Buyer
Christy Meehan, Trade Compliance Coordinator and Admin
Stephen Carter, Regional HR Manager
Kevin Izworski, Lead maintenance mechanic
Carlos Valdez, Plant Manager
Jason Phoenix, Production Manager
Mark Pursel, Sales Producer & Representative
Amber Dellinger, Technical Administrative Assistant
Keirra Black, Admin Specialists I
Jon Lapp, Maintenance Tech / Shift Lead
Justin Scott, Operations Manager
James Bristow, Sr. Product Development Engineer
Michael Monahan, Quality Assurance Supervisor / Production Supervisor / Operator
Jesus Mendoza, Production Manager
Lisa Saupp, Business Analyst
Michael Ramczyk, Shipping Supervisor / Assistant Plant Scheduler ( Salaried )
Marco Sanford, Forklift Operator
Robert Elizzar, Forklift Operator - Warehouse
Ryan Shetterly, New Product Development Engineering Intern
Steven Rempala, Manager Supply Chain/Supply Planner
Justin Shirley, QA Analyst/Quality Engineer
Cathy Ruocco, Project Planner
ANN COURTNEY, Administrative Manager
Barbara Seddon, Tax Intern
Daniel Jameson, Quality Manager
Ted Lyon, Lumber/Building Materials Department Manager
Raymond Skortz, Plant Accountant
Rick Young, Network Manager
Chris Seitz, Project Manager
Kerri Gipe, Buyer
Emily MCEVOY, Assistant Controller
Thomas Steckbeck, Project Manager
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